CMS Proposal for Post - Discharge Follow Up Calls


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced a new proposed ruling that hospitals establish a post-discharge follow-up program. The ruling is based on a number of recent findings from CMS and the AHRQ that focused on transitioning patients from the hospital to their home or home health agency. Improved patient outcomes and reduced unplanned readmissions attributed to a comprehensive post-discharge follow-up program have led to this new ruling from CMS.


Along with cost, other supporting evidence for a post-discharge follow up process include patient compliance, adherence to discharge instructions and medication regimens, all which point to an improved care transition.

Post Discharge Outcomes

  • Provides real time alerts and notifications to hospitals and organizations specific to:
  • Patients whose condition has worsened since discharge
  • Patients who formally request a return call from the hospital
  • Patients expressing dissatisfaction with the hospital experience
  • Patients expressing confusion with prescribed medications
  • Determines patient’s compliance in taking prescribed medications and following discharge instructions
  • Includes pertinent patient comments about their stay

Preventative Care - Informational Doc.

Preventative Care Flyer

Case Study - Read about our latest case study on the impact the Preventative Care program had on a small rural hospital.




The program has proven to have a tremendous impact on preventing unplanned 30-day readmissions by up to 2.9%.


Along with impacting readmissions, because hospitals are able to provide service recovery in a more timely manner, HCAHPS scores typically are impacted by improved scores from 5-8%.


There are several key highlights to the Preventative Care Program which include;


  • Ensures patients are contacted as early as 24 – 48 hours from patients discharge from hospital
  • Accesses patient’s care and address any questions they may have regarding their discharge
  • Surveys conducted by medically licensed and trained interviewers
  • Reaches up to 60-70% of your patients giving hospitals a ‘jump-start’ to address immediate patient concerns and begin service recovery.
patient comments

As stated, our Preventative Care Program is more than just a survey, Our "Patient Comments" section allows the hospitals a number of benefits including;


  • Opportunity to hear ‘directly from the patient’.
  • Captures more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, but comments and feedback directly from the patient.
  • Alert notifications emailed for “negative’ comments,
  • Provides feedback crucial for all areas of the hospital including nursing, physicians, environmental and administration.